Enviroment Land Management Schemes (ELMS)

This bank of references has been collated to support Clinton Devon Estates’ ELMS initiative. Digital versions of supporting leaflets outlining the vision and policy and stakeholder priorities are also listed here.

Please click the following links to find out more about the schemes:

Key National Schemes

Environmental Land Management Schemes

  • Provides insights into Defra’s initial thinking around ELMS. Dated February 2020.

25 Year Environment Plan

  • This detailed report provides a summary of planned government actions to help the natural world regain and retain good health.

Environment Bill 2020

  • The purpose of the Environment Bill is to help deliver the government’s manifesto commitment to the environment. It is part of the wider government response to the clear and scientific case, and growing public demand, for a step-change in environmental protection and recovery. It acts as one of the key vehicles for delivering the bold vision set out in the 25 Year Environment Plan

Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services

  • This document outlines the strategic vision to guide conservation efforts in England over the next decade.

The future for food, farming and the environment: policy statement (2020)

  • A policy update providing further detail of England’s agricultural policy and how the Agriculture Bill will help us achieve this.

Climate Change Act 2008

At the core of this Act is the 2050 target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% relative to 1990, and the system of carbon budgets that provide five-year stepping stones to the 2050 target.

Natural Capital

Outlines advice to the government on the sustainable use of natural assets (capital) including forests, rivers, land, minerals and oceans. The benefits derived from natural assets, such as food, recreation, clean water, hazard protection and clean air are also covered.

Local Themes

East Devon Catchment Partnership

Provides information around the strategy and local [partnership actions to improve the health of East Devon’s catchments.

Landscape Character Priorities

Outlines aspects of the local landscape that are most valued and how they can be enhanced.

National Character Area Profiles

Provides area profiles in the South West which support the planning of conservation initiatives at landscape scales.

Key Habitats & Species for East Devon

The State of Devon’s Nature (2013)

Outlines priority habitats and species for Devon.

Countryside Stewardship statement of priorities

Blackdown National Character Areas

Provides habitat and species priorities for the Devon Redlands and Blackdown National Character Areas

Defra’s MAGIC website

Provides on-line information surrounding East Devon’s natural environment including on designations, habitats, species and water quality.