Success in Level 2 Forest Operative Apprenticeship

We are delighted to announce that our Apprentice Woodsman, Chris Badlam, of the Clinton Woods Team, has successfully passed his Level 2 Forest Operation (Establishment and Maintenance) apprenticeship end point assessment. This marks the successful conclusion of his 18-month apprenticeship training. Congratulations Chris!

The Level 2 Forest Operative apprenticeship is designed to develop a well-rounded worker who can function in a range of different forestry businesses and woodlands. The nature of the Forest Operative role and the changing seasons require some assessment procedures to be conducted during the apprenticeship.

When asked about the most valuable lesson he learned during his apprenticeship, Chris responded, “The most important lesson I have learned is to maintain a level-headed approach when faced with problems.” He further added, “I draw upon all the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired during my apprenticeship to address them.”

Chris has worked hard throughout his training, mastering a wide range of skills, and earning several qualifications. These include a Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work, Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting Timber using a Chainsaw, and Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm.

Dominic Dorling, Chris’ supervisor, was asked about Chris’ growth and potential. Dominic stated, “Chris has gone from strength to strength in his work attitude. Working with me, he has gained confidence and taken on a role in forestry where he can see himself develop and put what he has learned over the course of his apprenticeship to the test.”

In the Establishment and Maintenance pathway of the course, Chris has qualifications in the Safe Handling and Application of Pesticides, Safe use of Brush-cutters and Trimmers, and Safe use of Forestry Clearing Saw.

When asked about the impact of Chris’ successful completion of his apprenticeship on the Estate and the forests we manage, John Wilding MBE, Head of Forestry and Reserves, expressed “I am delighted that Chris’ hard work and application have paid off, with his successful completion of 18 months training. Chris can now apply the learning and practical experiences gained on the Forestry Operative Apprenticeship to our daily work in the establishment and maintenance of the Estate’s future timber crops.” John further added, “We are in exiting times, as we implement selection forestry into our woodlands, with the Clinton Woods Team delivering this on the forest floor.”

This success story of Chris Badlam not only marks the end of his apprenticeship but also the beginning of a promising career in forestry operations at Clinton Devon Estates. We look forward to seeing his continued growth and contributions to our team.