International coverage on CNN of the River Otter Beaver Trial

The River Otter Beaver Trial has received international media coverage after being featured on CNN.

In an online article and video, the broadcaster looked at how England’s beavers are once again living wild in East Devon.

The Estate is proud to have been a part of the five year River Otter Beaver Trial. It was led by Devon Wildlife Trust, working in partnership with the Estate, University of Exeter and the Derek Gow Consultancy. It found that the creatures can bring many benefits to wildlife and people.

John Varley, Estates Director at Clinton Devon Estates, said:

“Clinton Devon Estates is proud to have played a key role in the delivery of the River Otter Beaver Trial. We have seen first-hand the benefits that beavers can bring, while also becoming more aware of the potential conflicts that can arise.

What has been clear is the many ecological and biodiversity benefits that have resulted from their presence, along with their dam building activities which can mitigate flooding and also help to reduce water pollution. This vital research is an excellent example of how we can work with nature to improve the environment for both people and wildlife.”

You can view the full CNN story here