Doing today what is right for tomorrow

How does a business survive for more than 700 years and plan for the next 700? By doing today what is right for tomorrow. Here at Clinton Devon Estates our activities focus on the needs of the population, the planet and the economy in equal measure. In this video, discover more about what we do, how we do it and why. 

Clinton Devon Estates Director John Varley OBE DT, discusses how we can achieve a sustainable future and the Estate’s role in remaining relevant to its communities, environment, nature and employees.

He said: “Sustainable future, for me it’s about listening and ensuring that we are in tune with what society wants us to be doing in the coming generations and in doing so being seen as relevant – relevant to our employees, relevant to the environment, relevant to nature, and relevant to our local communities.”

We also hear from Dr Sam Bridgewater, Head of Wildlife and Conservation, on how Clinton Devon Estates aims to leave the landscape in a better condition than when we started, and John Wilding MBE, Head of Forestry and Energy, on making more resilient woodland.

Alice Thomas, Youngstock Manager, talks about the important of animal welfare, Kim Strawbridge, East Devon Pebblebed Heaths Site Manager, discusses inspiring and educating the conservationists of the future, and Clare James, Estates Surveyor, on building long-lasting and multi-generational relationships with tenant farmers.

Everything we do is with tomorrow in mind. Our duty is to hand the land on healthier than we inherited it.