Clinton Dairy cuts organic milk prices to support local community during Covid-19 pandemic

With some people struggling to buy basic supplies during the coronavirus crisis, Clinton Dairy in East Devon is stepping in to help local people, by reducing the price of its organic milk by a third.

The dairy runs a 24/7 organic milk vending machine at Otterton Mill visitor centre and in response to the current situation it’s cutting the price of a litre from £1.50 to £1. It’s already seen a rise in demand with sales of organic milk there doubling since the start of the pandemic.

The vending machine is operated by the Clinton Devon Farms Partnership (CDFP), a Clinton Devon Estates farming business, which manages two organic dairy farms, Otter farm and Dalditch farm. A combined herd of 750 cows graze locally, producing 5.4million litres of organic milk each year.

Farms manager Sam Briant-Evans explains: “We know there are many people who might be struggling to pick up the basics at the moment, including elderly residents who aren’t necessarily able to travel, so we thought this would be a great way to support the community.

“This is fresh, organic milk that has been produced by cows grazing the local countryside and it’s readily available and easy to get to. We want to ensure as many people as possible can access it and benefit at this difficult time.”

The refrigerated machine was set up in an effort to reduce food miles, waste, and connect the farm with the local community, something that is hugely important for the Farms Partnership at this time. It holds 50 litres of milk and customers can purchase a re-useable, recyclable glass bottle, or bring their own container.